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What’s the good word? I’ve been thinking a lot about vision lately. Vision is important. I am finding out that it is important in a church, a company. and even in our personal lives. There’s a fine line between mission and vision. I’m learning that mission is about what you do well, it’s what you are about. Vision on the other hand is about what your future looks like because you do mission well. It’s about what you want to become. Now we can have vision statements all we want and not have vision. I know plenty of churches who have a vision statement but lack vision. If you lack vision you will simply be satisfied with the status quo. You will go to great lengths to protect it wihtout ever thinking about what might or could be. If you lack vision you will burnout really quickly. There won’t be anything to give toward. You will become inwardly focused. Craig Groeschel of posses the following questions in regard to stirring up vision. And keep in mind here, I’m talking about personal vision, ministry vision, coorporation vision, or you fill in the blank.

1. Why do you (or your organization) exist?

2. What can you (or your organization) be the best in the world at?

3. If you could do only one things, what would it be?

4. What breaks your heart at night and keeps you awake?

And remember, don’t make the vision long and complicated. It needs to be short, it needs to be motivational, it needs to be clear. I heard a great story about Walt Disney. He died before the park in Florida was completed. On opening day in 1971, 5 years after his death, someone commented to Mike Vance, the creative director, “Isn’t it too bad Walt Disney didn’t live to see this?” “He did see it,” Vance replied. “That’s why it’s here.” That’s the good word.

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