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September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

What’s the good word? I just finished my devotional this morning. It was the gospel text from Matthew, where Jesus calls his first disciples. Following is not always easy to do. The story makes it sound so simple. In the text it says that the disciples immediately followed Jesus. They just threw down their nets (basically what they made their living doing) and followed him. How easy it sounds to do, but how hard it is to actually do it sometimes. As a pastor, sometimes I’m called to go somewhere. Sometimes it’s at a time that seems wrong in my opinion, but is probably right in God’s view. We know what can happen when we don’t follow. Look at Jonah. He didn’t want to go where God was calling him to. But God continued to seek him out. Sometimes we don’t want to go where God calls us to go. Sometimes we feel it’s the wrong time. We now have to give up going to that football game, going out with friends, or we are simply left scratching our heads going, “Why now?” We always liked to play follow the leader as a child. We liked it better when we were the leader. We have a leader we can trust, and go we must. And we go, knowing God is with us. We go, sometimes not knowing what the journey looks like. We go, with anticipation and butterflies in our stomachs. We go and follow. That’s the good word for today.

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The Dash

September 11, 2009 Leave a comment

What’s the good word?  I wrote my sermon for Sunday this morning. We are reading as a congregation “One Month To Live” by Kerry Shook. We are doing the entire church wide campaign and we will be preaching on the four principles in that book over the next 6 Sundays. This week is about the dash. It’s been a theme that keeps coming up. We don’t get much choice in the two dates on our gravestone when we die, but we do have a big choice as to what that little dash means. And now, I just picked up a totally unrelated book and turned to chapter one, and it’s about the dash. Is God trying to tell me something? I hope He just means, “Brad, start living!” instead of “Brad, you don’t have much longer!” (laughing out loud right now). But none of us know when that time will come. We choose whether the dash means everything, or nothing. So today I ask myself, and I hope you do the same: What am I really after? What do I long for? What does my heart really desire? I’ve learned to benefit from God’s plan, I have to be willing to let go of my own. That is scary at times. How willing am I right now, in this moment to let go of my own plan, and let God’s plan rule? That’s the good word.

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