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Hearing God

December 30, 2009 Leave a comment

What’s the good word? I just read the story in the Old Testament about the talking donkey. It’s a great story that often gets overlooked. As a matter of fact, when I mention it to most people, their response is “There’s a talking donkey in the Bible?” After reading it, it got me to thinking. Has anyone ever told you, “God told me…”? I’ve had people tell me that often. I’m always a little skeptical when people tell me that. Often I am skeptical because I’m one who didn’t hear God. Is it because I’m not listening? Is it because God isn’t talking to me? I often feel like a Christian reject. But perhaps God is talking to me. Perhaps I am hearing God. Perhaps it isn’t like I hear God going, “Brad, you need to do this,” in a big booming voice. Perhaps it goes beyond our understanding of hearing and speaking. I have to say that God was speaking to me when I began a junior and senior high program at my last church. I remember praying about it and wondering if I should do it, and if so, what do I call it. Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “DIVE” came on the radio at that minute, and DIVE, our junior and senior high ministry night was born. I believe God talks to all of us, but I do believe it goes beyond hearing a voice and actual words from above in a booming voice. And that’s the good word for today.

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Failing Forward

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

What’s the good word? Well, I had my first goof up this past week as lead pastor. It wasn’t big, although at times it seemed big. As a staff we acted too quickly and worship didn’t go so well. And we learned from that experience. What did we learn, besides the matter that was at hand? We learned that we can’t be afraid to fail as a church. We’ve all heard the phrase uttered, no shouted, “Failure is not an option!” Yes it is! I’m learning more and more that it is. Craig Groeschel in his book “It” talks about ministries needing to fail. How else are we going to learn? Woody Allen once said that “If your not failing, then you aren’t being innovative enough.” And he’s right. We need to be ok with stepping out on that leadge and taking a leap. If we not failing, have we stopped dreaming? The truth of the matter is that we gain wisdom and knowledge more readily through our failures than anything else. And as a staff we are learning. I’m learning. You know, those who swing hard strike out often, but then again they do hit some doozies out of the ball park. Michael Jordan is remembered as a GREAT basketball player, but we never focus on the 9,000 shots he missed, or the hundreds of ball games he lost. We must be willing to make mistakes as a church organization. We must learn to fail forward. Kind of like falling off your bike. You are always told to fall forward. Hebrews 11:6 says this: “And without fiath it is impossible to please God.” We need to step out in faith. God is calling us to take risks. We try, we fail, we learn, and we adjust. That’s the good word for today.

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