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Open Doors

March 17, 2010 Leave a comment

What’s the good word? In Revelation 3:8 it says, “‘I know your works. Look, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut.” A lot of times we focus too much on the door that is closed instead of looking at the door that is already open in front of us. This happens a lot in churches when change occurs. It seems too often our churches get stuck focusing on  the door that has just closed (ie: that which is not the same or that which is now gone) instead of focusing on the door that God has opened for us.Our God has already given us an open door to walk through to reach new people with God’s message, the only question left for us is, are we going to stay locked up in that upper room, or are we ready to receive the Holy Spirit and walk through that door? I am certainly glad the disciples decided to walk through the door on that Easter morning as the risen Christ sent them out into the world! And that’s the good word for today.

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Are You a Trader?

What’s the good word? I asked this question to our congregation on Ash Wednesday. It was a question that came up in our staff meeting a few weeks ago. I must say, it is a phrase that stuck with me. Let me show you some exampls of traders. Abram traded in his homeland in UR to become the father of a nation, Ruth traded in her homeland to become the grandmother of a king, Moses and David traded in their sheep to be leaders of a nation, Peter and Andrew traded their nets in to be fishers of people, Mary traded in her housework to sit at the Savior’s feet, Saul traded in his prestige to become Paul a leader of Christ, Albert Schweitzer traded in his prestigious doctor’s practice so he could build hospitals in Africa, Rachel Saint traded in her grief to live among the natives who killed her brother, Cameron traded in the money he spent on Starbuck’s for 30 days to help build water wells in Uganda, A little 7 year old boy on KSBJ the other day traded in his birthday presents for monetary gifts to give to relief efforts in Hati, and John gave up climbing the corporate ladder to mentor young boys through a neighborhood basketball program. All of these people put their faith into action. I fell in love with this concept so much that instead of giving something up for Lent, I challenged them to trade something in instead. Trading is different than giving something up because when you give something up you aren’t receiving anything in return, it’s gone. But when you trade you are literally handing something over to someone and in return replacing it with something else. You can’t ride the fence. What are you willing to trade? Are you a trader? That’s the good word for today.

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