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What’s the good word? I’m working from home a lot these past two weeks. I’ve been taking some paternity leave this month since my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, a girl- London Grace. I’ve been thinking about our upcoming July worship series a lot the past few days. Our worship series Fearless will start in July. It’s based on the Max Lucado book of the same title. What would our life be like without fear? I have been fearing a lot lately- Will I be a good dad? What do I do now that she’s crying and won’t stop? What happens once family leaves and my wife and I are by ourselves? We do the same thing when it comes to our faith lives as well. What I have noticed is that we fear change. Or do we? Perhaps we don’t fear change but what we do fear is what we will loose once the change happens. When things change, inevitably something will be lost. When changes occur in churches, for example, a way of doing it as we have always done it is lost, and I think that’s why it’s hard for some congregations to grow. Growth changes EVERYTHING! You can’t remain the same church and expect to grow. Yet, many people want their church to be the same 10-15 years from now only with more people. And often it’s not that one way of doing things is better than the other, it’s just different. Our family has grown, and it has changed EVERYTHING! We couldn’t expect to remain the same (my wife and I) and expect to grow. When the family leaves that’s when faith comes in. Faith in ourselves, faith that God will watch over us because this gift we have been given has come from Him. In our churches, we would be wise to do the same. Have faith in ourselves, and in God. That God will lead us with the guidence of the Holy Spirit. And that’s the good word for today.

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