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Spiritual Growth Is A Process

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

What’s the good word? Programs don’t help people grow. People can’t make other people grow spiritually. My grandma used to say on the farm, “We can’t make the seed grow, we can only be sure the soil is ready for the seed. God is the only one who can make the seed grow.” Those farmers are keen sometimes. In 1 Corinthians we are reminded that spiritual growth is a process. In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul calls believers God’s children, God’s field, and God’s building.

We are God’s children. Claimed so in the waters of our baptisms. We begin as spiritual babies. Our movement into spiritual adulthood is a process. That process is critical. Somehow we think it ends when we are done with Confirmation. Attendance in Sunday School drops once kids start high school, and then drops even further when we reach adulthood. Just as babies need the right environments to grow physically, people need the right environment to grow spiritually. That’s where the church can come in.

We are God’s field. Fields do not bear fruit or crops on command. Trust me, I grew up on a farm. They blosson in process, and to do so properly, they need the right environment and nutrients. This can happen for us in church and by getting involved in a small group.

We are God’s building, God’s spiritual house if you will. God first built us (read created us). Then God redeemed us with his own blood. Next, God moved in. That’s right, God took up residence, God filled up every drawer. And guess what? God isn’t done! God continually works on us. God is constantly rearranging the furniture. Challenging our ideas, thoughts, and opinions. We never do arrive. This continual work is inevitable. It is never done. It is a lifelong process. And that’s the good word for today.

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