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Living by Faith

October 6, 2012 Leave a comment

What’s the good word? Every year I take the staff of my church to a conference in Atlanta called Catalyst. Catalyst really is for young and emerging leaders, but is worthwhile to any age leader who wants to be refreshed and renewed, and have something that will spark within you movement forward. This year was no exception. I LOVE this conference and always come back refreshed for ministry and it truly did serve as a catalyst for new ministry and movement in my leadership and Messiah. Here is one of my BIG takeaways.

Live By Faith

This year’s theme was Make (make something). In order to do that, it takes living in faith. That was what more than one speaker said this year. Francis Chan was really convicting this year, and while I have my issues with some of his theology, I think he looked at me square in the eyes and did some convicting. We, as a church, need to get back to making disciples. Jesus commanded it, but as he said, we often are scared to share with someone we don’t know our faith. We need to step out more in faith and get over our fear. This isn’t something we get to vote on as a church, we are commanded to do this. Jesus says go, and yet, we sit around and make excuses. I know this is true of me sometimes, and most of the time the excuse is- “I’m too busy”. Sound familiar?

We know that song “Thy Word”. The words are, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” But here’s the deal with that lamp and that light. If you have ever walked in the dark with a flashlight or a lamp you know that it doesn’t show you the whole picture. It only lights the first, second, and maybe third steps. The fourth and fifth steps and those beyond aren’t lit up. It still requires some faith on our part. Craig Groeschel said in his talk, “If you’re not living every now and then in uncertainty, then you aren’t leading in faith.” Let me get to that! And that’s the good word for today!


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