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Passing on the Faith Baton

November 5, 2012 1 comment

What’s the good word? This past Sunday was All Saint’s Sunday. I delivered one of the most important messages I have preached. Here’s are some quotes and highlights from my message this past week. It’s based on 2 Timothy 4:6-8. It’s about passing on the faith:

Everyone is called to be Paul (a mentor) to someone (Timothy), but we never stop being a Timothy ourself. 

Faith is caught more than it is taught. 

Think about a sprint relay team. Doesn’t matter how fast the runners are, a sprint relay is about the exchange. 

God has handed us the baton of faith and it is up to us not to drop it in the exchange zone. 

Christine Cain once said: If you do not know how to honor others who have come fore you, you will forget that there are those who will come after you. 

This is our race and today on All Saint’s Day we are reminded of those who passed the baton of faith onto us. Let us honor them by taking the baton of faith and not drop it in the exchange zone. 

All Saint’s Sunday reminds us that we are to run the race of faith, to take that good news that we have been handed, to run our race, finish the race, and keep the faith

To hear the whole message, click here. And that’s the good word for today.

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