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Another Story

What’s the good word? I’d like to share another story from Ethiopia with you as it’s been on my mind lately. If anything, it helps me keep things in perspective now that it’s been a month since I have been back and life seems to be getting crazy again. Not only that, but this really helps keep in the forefront what ministry is really all about as one can get bogged down in the day to day stuff.


Meet Mambisto. She is a 37ish year old woman who came to get water from a 3′ wide and 40′ deep hole in the ground that sat in the middle of a field surrounded by cattle, goats and donkeys. She had walked her entire life to get this water and carry it on her back to her house that sat about 1 hour away from where we now sat.

When asked what this water well meant to her and you could see a small tear form in her eye, but a huge smile on her face. She proceeded to say that she could not really express everything in words, but that it meant health, sustainability, less work and less back breaking walks for her. She spoke of how her and her family had experienced many water borne illnesses from the water and that at times the children were so sick that she feared for them. She had at times had to leave her three small children behind unattended so that she could go get this dirty, contaminated water.

When asked if she was happy and before the interpreter could tell  her answer one already knew from the huge smile that crossed her face that she was, but she went on to tell us that her children would probably be able to go to school now and her husband would not have to worry so much.

This is is ministry. This is what church is all about. This is the good word for today.

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