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New Venture

December 6, 2013 Leave a comment

What’s the good word? Well, I have decided to set out on a new venture and go off into the non profit world. I am creating a new non-profit organization that seeks to bring institutions of learning to children in rural Africa called Acts of Wisdom. The stats are staggering 145 million children in the world do not have access to education, yet children still dream of becoming doctors, lawyers, and teachers. This new non-profit grew out of my experiences in Ethiopia where I saw first hand the hunger these kids had for knowledge. In the Book of Acts an Ethiopian Eunuch asks the Apostle Philip about Jesus. Philip is stunned that he doesn’t know, to which the eunuch replies, “No one has ever taught me.” Part of the cycle of poverty is not having access to education, where children can learn and grow so that they can get jobs and help generate income for their families. In the US, Acts of Wisdom will work with individuals, churches, schools – anybody who shares this passion to bring schools to communities who need them. In Africa, Acts of Wisdom will partner with local NGOs who are familiar with the countries and the communities to build the schools. At the core, Acts of Wisdom believes every child, every where, should have access to education and to teachers willing to take time to teach them. How might we strive to make the world a better place and bring about peace if we don’t educate the children of the world. My hope is to create faith based learning centers, where not only knowledge is shared, but also the love of God in Christ Jesus.


(A 3rd grade classroom I visited in Ethiopia)

Well, that’s it. I have a Board of Directors (waiting for my last one to let me know if they are in or not), I have the mission and the vision, now comes the difficult task of getting this off the ground. There are a number of costs involved in starting this non-profit and if you find this cause as worthwhile as I do, my hope is that you can help contribute to the start up costs. By doing so, you will be a part of this story! If you can and are willing please click on the donate button below. Give what ever you can. Anything helps. And let me first say, Thank you!! And that’s the good word for today.
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Merry Xmas?

December 4, 2013 1 comment


What’s the good word? Sorry it’s been forever since I have been on here. I didn’t even realize how long it had been, but it looks like I’ve been busy since my trip to Ethiopia as that was about the last time that I posted something! BUT, here I am, and hopefully I will get back to normal blogging. It’s now the season of Advent, a season in the church year designed to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. In the church this looks far different from what we find in the world. Outside in “the world” we see people rushing around in a frenzy, fighting one another for that good deal. But Advent actually teaches that to prepare for the coming of Jesus that we should slow down, meditate, be still, and be alert so that we don’t miss the coming. I can relate. How many of us rush and hurry to prepare for something, like a child’s first birthday, or Christmas, and the next thing we know it’s over. We have to go back and look at pictures, as if we weren’t really truly present in the moment. I didn’t always like Advent, I wanted Christmas to get here and fast. But then I realized that many times I was present, but I really wasn’t PRESENT!

While I am on the subject of Christmas, I also want to talk about this whole notion of putting Christ back in Christmas. I’ve seen the signs, I’ve abbreviated Christmas before with the “dreaded” Xmas. But wouldn’t you know, that isn’t actually a bad thing. You see the New Testament was written in Greek. And in Greek the name for Christ is spelled: Χριστος. Uh, oh! Do you see what I see? (get it?) Looks like Christ begins with an X, or the letter Chi in greek. So does that mean we really aren’t taking Christ out of Christmas? YES! We are actually putting Christ in Christmas, only in Greek! Instead of always writing the full name Χριστος, we see in early Christian history a trend to abbreviate Χριστος as simply Χ. As Greg Carey, Professor of the New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary writes: “Early manuscripts of the Greek New Testament dating to the third and fourth centuries used “X” as an abbreviation for Christ…The abbreviation helped manuscript writers fit more words on a page, reducing the time and cost of producing the texts…”

Well there you go! Problem solved. Don’t need to feel bad about writing Xmas. Actually you should feel good, and smart! You now know GREEK! LOL! Be present in this moment my friends, and truly take in all that this season has to offer! And that’s the good word for today!


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