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What’s the good word? So, I haven’t been blogging since February. I can’t believe it has been that long. I am sensing a need to get back into devotional time with God and I feel distant, so perhaps getting back to blogging will help me in that devotional life and processing life and faith. So where should I begin again? How about with my name?

My name Brad means “a broad clearing in the woods.” We all have a name. It means something. It is what identifies us to others. And sometimes that identity can be stolen. in the ancient near east, during the time of the Old and New Testaments your name was more than just words. Your name was your identity. It was a reflection of your character, your soul, your very being. In essence your name told who you were.

Many Christians end their prayers with the phrase, “In Jesus’ name.” The Bible tells us to believe in His name, to call on His name, to suffer shame for His name. So what is the significance of Jesus’ name? Ephesians 5:20 reads, “Always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Now Lord implies a master-servant relationship. Jesus said to those who call Him “Lord, Lord” should do what He says (see Luke 6:46). If Jesus is “Lord” we should want to obey and follow what Jesus says. Jesus is Joshua in Hebrew. It means “God saves”. Mary was told that this baby she would give birth to would “save His people from their sins” (see Matthew 1:21). Finally, Christ is Greek for the Hebrew word Messiah, meaning “anointed for a purpose”. Both priests and kings were anointed. The Jews of Jesus’ day expected the Messiah to deliver them from Roman bondage and establish His kingdom on earth.

So, as you can see, Jesus’ name means quite a lot. Jesus is our loving Leader, our sufficient Savior, and our daily Deliverer. There’s a lot in a name. You too have a name. You too have a calling that comes with that name. An identity, and it is different from what the world tells you. God created you for a unique purpose.One of my favorite clips is from the first Star Trek movie (the remake!). Watch it here. Here the young Captain Kirk doesn’t accept his path. And then the Captain of the Enterprise reminds him of how great of a leader his father was, and then dares him to do better. Could it be that God is calling us to do something greater with our lives?

My prayer for you is that you would do the hard work of the soul to discover who you are, made in the image of God. That is the journey I am setting out on. And that’s the good word for today.

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